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Vertex CR-40

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Created by:

Xander Davis

Designed by:

Xander Davis

Product Summary


Vertex CR-40


Diamondlast Inc.


2036 – Present


22.4 oz (0.64 kg)


6.5 in (17 cm)

Barrel Length:

3.66 in (9.3 cm)


5.2 in (13 cm)

Buy Price:

☆1,950 Repval

Sell Price:

☆950 Repval

Tactical Summary

Fire Modes:

Semi-automatic / Fully-automatic (Standard)
Semi-automatic / 3-round-burst (Elite)

Feed System:

8-round Magazine


Brassfire .380 ACP
Voltshot EMP .380 ACP


Fixed-white dot front
Drift-adjustable 2-dot rear

Shot Frequency:

1.1 Sec


18/20 (Mid-Short Range)





Reload Speed:

5 Sec



– Very accurate over short distances
– Fast reload time
– Low inventory space requirement
– Versatile
– Ammo is abundant
– Suppressor Extremely Effective & Long-Lasting


– Less Ideal for Full Combat

CODEX / Neon Eclipse / Weapons / Vertex CR-40

Vertex CR-40

The Vertex CR-40 Compact Tactical Semi-Automatic Pistol with Suppressor by Diamondlast is Crane’s signature pistol. This particular version of the Vertex is custom-made for Infinidyne RCS’s Crane 5 series biodrones.

Detail Summary:

The Diamondlast Vertex CR-40 is chambered for the .380 ACP cartridge, and its design is very similar to the .22 LR Diamondlast Vertex 40, which in turn is based on the larger Diamondlast Vertex 99. Like the V40, the CR-40 features a slide-mounted, ambidextrous manual hammer-block, non-decocking safety and an external hammer. The magazine release is also ambidextrous using the Diamondlast-style paddle release on the base of the trigger guard. However, unlike other Diamondlast Vertexes, there is no slide release lever. Thus, the slide must be pulled rearward and released to chamber the first round. To release the slide with an empty magazine, the magazine must be dropped slightly or completely removed and the slide pulled rearward and released. The slide, barrel, and internal frame are steel, and the grip is polymer for reduced weight. Magazines are single-stack design holding 8 rounds giving the gun an 8+1 capacity. Also included is a Picatinny-style rail which will accommodate Diamondlast’s laser aiming system.


Due to the lower caliber and suppressed nature of fire, it is recommended to put two rounds in the chest and one round in the head as standard process for taking down a target with the Suppressed CR-40. Medium range is not ideal but will be effective. Close range is most recommended and effective. Long range is not very effective.

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