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The Communist Universal Dealers Exchange Index (COMUDEX / Gòngchǎn Zhǔyì Zhǐshù (“Universal Index”) 共產主義指數Gòngchǎn Zhǔyì Jīngxiāo Shāng Jiāoliú Zhǐshù 共產主義經銷商交流指數 — Chinese for ‘Communist Universal Dealers Exchange Index’) is the world’s largest stock market with 78% global territorial dominance by 2044. It is driven by a blend of communism through open market corporatism and slave labor, based on the Shǎnyào cryptocurrency blockchain system.

China was arguably the victor of the War in their vision of Guanjun Guoji Genti, with the Western NATO powers and Russia mostly having destroyed each other. Since then, China started becoming more aggressively imperial, positioning itself as the new globalist unipolar superpower leader. While decades were spent in the Neo-Reconstruction Era in the Amerisphere, becoming AMSEQ, China swept through Asia, Europe, and the Pacific Southwest, uniting Eurasia and expanding throughout the Middle East and much of Africa, re-termed the ‘Sinospan’. When the People’s Republic of China imploded in a hostile globalist corporatist takeover from within, the Sinospan everted into a singular market construct, the COMUDEX, privately-owned by the Zhijian dynasty.

China’s tactic was essentially to gain or buy control of all natural resources, means of production, and media worldwide through capitalism and corporatism, but bring it under control of ultimately communism and authoritarian dictatorship through the corporatist trillionaire Zhijians.

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