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The Amerisphere Securities Exchange Quotations Inc. (AMSEQ) is a post-national financial services megacorporate stack and stock exchange, headquartered in Último Cielo, which it fully owns and operates. It is the world’s second largest stock exchange behind the COMUDEX. The AMSEQ chief executive officer is Rambert Jantis Voigtengel IV, and it is ultimately owned by Deucalion. Its market is extremely dominant throughout the entire American western hemisphere and in other parts of the world to a more fragmented degree. It was formed during the Neo-Reconstruction Era from the ruins of the imploded United States government after the War’s suspension. It was a vastly deregulated evolution of existing exchanges, which were at unprecedented highs in the history of civilization by the end of the War.

By 2044, AMSEQ is a de-facto asymmetric global corporate-market-state, of which its employees are what would previously be considered serfs in a corporate feudalism. It operates as the equivalent of a strict totalitarian fascist police-state under corporate context.

AMSEQ issues a Universal Basic Income (UBI) to stockholders from dividends and issue stock and AMP Chips to newborns at age 13, based on their selected or assigned career. AMSEQ stock translates to a proprietary crypto-currency called Repval, based on the aggregate reputation rating of an individual’s current social and stock portfolio values at any given time. Employees are often paid in stock equity before cashing out into a static Repval. Dividend payments are issued in the form of Repval boosts.

As the last two stock exchanges left on planet Earth, both the AMSEQ and COMUDEX seek to purchase each other in a hostile takeover. Whichever exchange might emerge victorious, a singular global market would finally be completed, in a hypothetical ESX (Earth Stock Exchange).

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